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March 2008

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Cos and HBP

How the heck am I suppose to watch ''Half-Blood Prince' when it's released when I cant even watch the chamber scene in 'Chamber of Secrets?'

They were giving 'Cos' on T.V the other night and I was pretty excited to watch it..that is until it got to Harry going into the chamber to save Ginny. Just seeing him touch her hand and saying "Ginny wake up, don't be dead" made me so mad and uncomfortable. I changed the channel and ended up falling asleep.

So really, how am I going to get through HBP on its release night with all the lunatic? (I love going opening night) I don't want to be in a theater that will cheer when H/G kiss..if I'm still conscious at that point.

I hate that HP is somewhat kinda ruined forever for me.


I feel the same. I don't know what I'll do. I don't think I'll go to the opening at all. In fact I didn't think I'll never buy the last two movies. I'll just rent em. The chapter of HP is over in the story of my life. It turned out to be crappy afternoon special.
I am completely with you. I am not watching them in the threatre, if I ever watch them. I do like Emma Watson, which may be the only thing that gets me to watch them.. I hate that they have reduced her to a sidekick, I mean Cho had more scenes than her.
I never liked Ginny's character, 'ships aside, she is just a third wheel ...who cares.

Hermione will always be the greatest thing about HP and she is the focal point JKR was just too dumb to know it.
As my friend put it JKR does not even know she is stupid.

Harry needs her and they already have an unspoken language that is so much louder than words and deeper. Book 5 he should have fallen in love with her.
The climax of the series plot wise is when Voldy gains human flesh in GoF after that we are waiting for him to die.
The growth in the books then comes from the characters and expanding the world.
Hermione is the focal point for muggles, the professors, Ron, Draco, Harry and I will never forget Harry...
Harry needed to fall in true love in Book 5 he needs and (we as readers) need that perfect beauty to soften the horrible events of Cedric's death and Sirius and all the others to come.
Hermione understands him better than himself. Harry needs that love to realize that there is something tangible to fight for, to live for. It is Hermione the one who was always there for him.
The world should have expanded that Voldy uses muggles as puppets and is killing then. A prophecy or knowlege arises that only a powerful completely muggle born can make muggles understand magic even if they cannot do it. Wizards and Muggles must band together to defeat Voldy...and only Harry and Hermione united can save them or something like that... JKR is just unaware and as my friend said dumb...
Now Ron wants glory always did...he needs to almost loss the girl he loves, in my mind Luna..to realize that glory is not the be all end all.
I always thought he was mean to Hermione he was trying to make himself feel better bring her down a peg because she is brilliant...Harry is the boy who lived...what is Ron? He used Hermione to puff himself up meanly and cruelly. I always saw Ron as the truly impulsive one who barrels through the door and if he grew he could refine that with his chess strategy skills.. maybe in another life it will happen....sigh...

I'm not even planning to watch HBP and DH at the movies. If I can avoid it altogether, I will. I'll wait for it in torrent, if I ever get the notion of watching it, and I'll count of fan-vids on YouTube to show me the HHr moments, if there are even any.